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Advocates Warn House Rule Change Could Undermine Voters

North Carolina civil rights advocates have denounced a House rule change that could allow Republicans to override vetoes on contentious bills with little notice, saying it subverts democracy and the will of voters.

DeJoy case reveals another scandal – a shortage of NC agents

Louis DeJoy of Greensboro, a major Republican donor and now the nation’s Postmaster General, is being reviewed by the FBI for possibly using “straw donors” to circumvent individual contribution limits in federal elections. Now the advocacy group Common Cause North Carolina is pressing Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman to open a state investigation.

Senators are helping pay Sen. Burr’s legal expenses. Here’s a closer look at the donors

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is getting help paying his expensive legal bills related to a Department of Justice investigation for stock sales — and a lot of that assistance is coming from his Senate colleagues, according to documents filed with the Senate.

Grassroots organization calls for criminal investigation of U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Common Cause North Carolina is calling for a criminal investigation of Louis DeJoy, U.S. Postmaster General, over campaign donations made by members of his former company. The group says it has uncovered new evidence that DeJoy reimbursed his former employees for campaign donations to Pat McCrory during his run for governor.

Common Cause calling for North Carolina to investigate Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Common Cause says their latest report points to a pattern of suspicious donations made by DeJoy's past employees who never contributed to a campaign before.

New scrutiny on postmaster’s campaign donations leads to calls for subpoenas, inquiry

In addition to forwarding Hall's report to the State Board of Elections, Common Cause said Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman should reopen an inquiry into DeJoy’s giving.

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