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How ‘a couple of very powerful individuals’ gave themselves more power in NC budget

Ann Webb, the policy director of government watchdog group Common Cause North Carolina, said “an agency that is designed to protect the interests of the public spending, state funds should be operated in such a way that it reflects the public interest in its structure — not simply the interest of a couple of very powerful individuals.”

Advocates worry about impacts of state budget delay

Ann Webb is the policy director for Common Cause North Carolina, and her concerns revolve around state agencies, namely the State Board of Elections. Webb says this budget and the funding the board gets will impact some big races.

As NC Republicans steamroll legislation, opponents are muzzled and flaws are missed

“The abortion bill is a fair example of the public not being heard adequately to the point where mistakes are rushed through,” said Bob Phillips, executive director Common Cause North Carolina, a good government advocacy group.

In ‘Very Big Deal for the Survival of Our Democracy,’ SCOTUS Rejects Fringe Legal Theory

"Today, the U.S. Supreme Court made clear that state courts and state constitutions should serve as a critical check against abuses of power by legislators," Phillips said. "Now, we must ensure our state courts fulfill their duty to protect our freedoms against attacks by extremist politicians."

US Supreme Court rejects independent state legislature theory in NC case Moore v. Harper

“This is a historic victory for the people of North Carolina and for American democracy," said Bob Phillips, the executive director of Common Cause North Carolina.

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