Tyler Daye discusses redistricting and the work to end gerrymandering in NC

“Redistricting is the backbone of our democratic system,” says Tyler Daye of Common Cause NC. “Because the districts that are drawn are the districts that elect the people who represent us in the state legislature and in the U.S. Congress.”

Tyler has a passion for redistricting. Over the past year, he has spent countless hours working to educate the public about this crucial issue. He has also advocated for an inclusive, transparent and nonpartisan process for drawing voting maps free from gerrymandering.

He helped organize dozens of community workshops throughout North Carolina to inform and engage residents in redistricting. And he was a key witness in our Common Cause lawsuit against gerrymandering, testifying about the legislature’s deeply flawed redistricting process. Our case is now headed to the NC Supreme Court.

We’re proud to have Tyler on our team at Common Cause NC as together we continue to fight for fair voting maps, work to end gerrymandering for good and strive to build a democracy for us all.