Becky Harper on being part of two historic victories against gerrymandering in North Carolina

Meet Becky Harper, a member of Common Cause NC who has been part of two historic victories against partisan gerrymandering this year – including a pivotal court case named after her.

First, Becky was among the plaintiffs in our landmark case of Common Cause v. Lewis, in which a state court ruled partisan gerrymandering of legislative districts violated the NC Constitution and ordered 77 NC House and NC Senate districts be redrawn following strict nonpartisan criteria and with full transparency.

Now, Becky is the named plaintiff in Harper v. Lewis, in which the same court blocked using the state’s gerrymandered congressional map in the 2020 election, prompting a redraw of North Carolina’s U.S. House districts.

These two decisive court victories are key steps toward establishing nonpartisan redistricting in North Carolina. Hear Becky’s story in the video above on why she stepped forward to help lead the fight to end gerrymandering. Then add your voice to the call for fair maps and fair elections.