5 Things to Know About This Week in North Carolina Politics (Nov. 20, 2023)



It’s been a challenging year in North Carolina. Extremist politicians in the legislature have pushed through anti-voter legislation and imposed gerrymandered maps that hurt the people of our state.

The work of protecting our democracy against these attacks is as important as ever. In this episode, we want to give thanks for those who are working to strengthen our democracy and are holding power accountable to the people.

We’re grateful for people across North Carolina who have stood with us in this fight. From Murphy to Manteo and everywhere in between, at our town halls and in the halls of government, folks are speaking out and uniting in this cause of building a democracy for us all.

We’re grateful for our pro-democracy partners and grassroots advocates throughout the state. We’re proud to work alongside these outstanding groups and community leaders who are working to empower North Carolinians and ensure everyday people have a voice.

We’re thankful for journalists shining a light on federal, state and local government. A free press is a crucial part of a free society, asking tough questions to those in authority and informing the public on key issues that impact our lives.

We’re grateful for North Carolina’s dedicated election workers who put in long hours to help our elections run smoothly. These democracy heroes help ensure voters are able to exercise our fundamental right as Americans to cast a ballot without fear or intimidation.

At a time when our state and nation face so many challenges, we’re hopeful for the road ahead – thanks to a new generation of democracy advocates. We’re proud to work with students on campuses across the state, including at all 10 of North Carolina’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities. These student leaders are moving forward on creating an inclusive, multiracial, pro-democracy future.


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