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For 50 years, Common Cause has been working to build the democracy we all deserve.

From Watergate to Trump, we’ve been on the front lines, holding power accountable and ensuring that our government answers to the American people — and nobody else.

Our strength comes from people across North Carolina standing up and standing together as we move forward in our mission to create a reflective democracy that works for everyone.

Special thanks to our 50th Anniversary event sponsors:

Ann & John Campbell
Crandall & Erskine Bowles
Susan & Dennis Burns
David & Charles Meeker
Jim & Diane Millikan
Mack Paul

Evelyn Ellis
Mark & Tina Granville
Becky Harper & Chuck Hildenbrand
Marilynne Herbert
Anne Hummel
Tom & Barb Johnson
Larry King
Richard & Sara Loeppert
Anne Lukingbeal & Nelson Roth
Mary Morgan
Derusha Phillips
Kim Preish
Charles Rodes
Bill & Joyce Sederburg

Meet some of our Common Cause NC members:

Ann McCracken
Eyricka Johnson
DeQuan Isom
Hakeem Dykes
Barbara & Tom Coulson
Timira Conley
Becky Harper
Patty Suarez
Larry King
Christelle Lohembe
David Meeker
Kaitlyn Oakley

Join the movement over 1 million strong for democracy

Join us: Americans deserve open, honest, accountable government.