CCNM is Working Hard to Protect Your Vote: Here’s How.

We hope you’re holding up well, and enjoying some time together with family in these uncertain times. Our team has been thinking about the environment our democracy is facing due to the current public health crisis. We wanted to check in with you and let you know how we are working to protect your vote.

Our state primary election is just around the corner, and CCNM is working closely with election administrators, elected officials, and community organizations across to state to ensure we are adapting to the current situation.

Here’s how:

We’re working with the NM Secretary of State and county clerks across the statepromoting voters to apply and vote by absentee ballot this June. Our state does not currently have the infrastructure to handle an all mail-in election, and there are barriers with voter rolls that would make this process difficult, and potentially disenfranchising to voters.

  • Update your voter registration and apply for an absentee ballot below. And be sure to spread the word to your friends, family, and neighbors.

We’re coordinating with local brewers who are facing temporary business closures by working with them on distilling alcohol for hand sanitizer. It is our top priority that Election Day workers have access to proper sanitation materials, including gloves for handling and processing ballots.

– Across the country, several states are experiencing a drastic shortage of poll workers. Our staff is collaborating with election administrators around the state to recruit more Election Day workers that are not in a high risk population. At least half and up to two-thirds of poll workers in all 33 counties across the state are 50+ years.

The next few weeks and months are unpredictable — and we’ll be fighting non-stop to ensure your voice is protected.

We’ll be counting on you to keep spreading the word, and moving our work for a stronger democracy forward. We’re in this together.