Let’s Ensure Fair Maps for New Mexico!

Tune in Feb. 18 at 3PM for a live press conference!

For too long, redistricting has been overseen by partisan incumbents, let's enact independent redistricting to ensure a fair, transparent process, with meaningful public input and consideration!

Should elected officials choose their voters, or should voters choose their elected officials? This seems like an easy question, right? But partisan gerrymandering has hampered our democracy for far too long and results in disparate districts that do not adequately represent and reflect our diverse electorate. But we can make waves to change that process in the NM Legislature RIGHT NOW!

Common Cause NM participated in the Redistricting Taskforce that was assembled by New Mexico First, one of our coalition partners. The Taskforce was truly a bipartisan effort, consisting of legislators from the Senate and House, tribal members, non-profit organizations, redistricting experts, and voting rights experts.

The Taskforce, led by former NM Supreme Court Justice Chavez and Former NM Court of Appeals Judge Kennedy,  was instrumental in the drafting of HB211 and SB199. Both pieces of legislation were crafted based on the recommendations of the Redistricting Taskforce. 

HB211 – Redistricting Act 

Received a unanimous vote to advance the legislation in its first committee and is currently awaiting a hearing in House Judiciary. This vital piece of legislation will create a seven member State Redistricting Commission to be appointed every ten years to develop district plans for statewide and federal elective offices in New Mexico. The proposed legislation outlines requirements for the legislative body to follow in adopting new districts including selecting a plan without amendments to be presented to the Governor for approval.

SB199 – Redistricting Act

A duplicate bill to HB211 is waiting to be scheduled in the Senate Rules committee. New Mexicans deserve fair districts that are transparent and open to public input. Please call members on the Senate Rules committee and ask them to support SB199, Redistricting Act.

SB15 – Redistricting Committee, sponsored by Sen. Ivey-Soto

This bill establishes a process and committee for redistricting very similar to the process in 2011.

The Fair Districts Coalition will hold a live press conference via Facebook at 3pm on February 18th, hosted by Kathleen Burk, featuring Senators Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Mark Moores, Justices Ed Chavez and Robert Kennedy, to outline both bills.

Tune in live on Facebook!

Gerrymandering has its roots in racially motivated voter suppression, and has no place in our diverse, modern democracy! Thank you for your support to end gerrymandering in New Mexico, and ensure fair maps where our communities are accurately represented, reflected and respected!