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Annastacia Belladonna-Carrera is the executive director for Common Cause Minnesota. Annastacia leads Common Cause Minnesota’s work in identifying and developing equity-based, strategic grassroots alliances to achieve collective democracy-based outcomes for Minnesotans.

Annastacia previously worked as legislative director for a Minnesota state agency, the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs (MCLA). MCLA advises and informs the Governor’s Office, legislative branch and community stakeholders on matters of importance to Latino Minnesotans. She was responsible for developing legislative strategy and mapping out action items for MCLA to infuse the Latino lens and voice into the policy-making arena at all levels of government in Minnesota. Prior to joining the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs (MCLA), Annastacia held various leadership roles within local, state and federal government. She’s worked closely with diverse Minnesota communities, partners and stakeholders in her roles as assistant to the director, City of St. Paul Department of Human Rights, interim executive director, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Minneapolis Area Office and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program manager with the Minnesota Department of Transportation Office of Civil Rights, to name a few.


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