Our 2024 Legislative Priorities

What are we working on in 2023-2024? Some priorities include:  

  • Organizing – Expanding our statewide grassroots convening table to greater Minnesota.  
  • Launching democracy schools for our network of statewide nonpartisan grassroots activists, creating greater solidarity among communities, and teaching them how to lead, organize, advocate for local policy needs/reforms. 
  • Passing the With Us, For Us Redistricting Amendment – Moving efforts supporting grassroots driven reforms creating an independent citizen-led redistricting commission. 
  • Ending Prison Gerrymandering – working to end the practice of prison gerrymandering. 
  • Democracy Dollars – using small donor people-powered public campaign finance reforms to drive out special interest and dark money from our democracy.  
  • Election Protection – Convening EP & Voting Rights Table co-creating a MN plan for 2024. 
  • Building capacity for Minnesotans to be in relationship with their legislators. 

Next Campaign

Protect the Constitution, Courts & Other Democracy Reforms