Statement by Common Cause President Miles Rapoport on Senate Filibuster of Minimum Wage Legislation

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  • Dale Eisman

“As millions of Americans struggle to pay their bills and take care of their families in a rough economy, obstructionists in the Senate are continuing to exploit the filibuster rule to block debate on a proposed increase in the minimum wage.

“Fifty-four senators, a clear majority, voted today to consider this important proposal. But in today’s Senate, the fundamental principle of majority rule is honored in the breach; thanks to the filibuster rule, it takes a supermajority of 60 just to start a debate and another supermajority to actually take action.

“The minimum wage was last adjusted nearly five years ago. On a personal level, I’m disappointed that today’s vote denies millions of Americans something at least slightly closer to a fair wage for their labors. As the leader of a government reform organization, I’m outraged that the Senate continues to operate under a rule that is so clearly unconstitutional.

“Americans deserve a Congress in which vital issues are debated and resolved by majority vote. As long as the filibuster rule remains in place, we won’t get it.”