Maryland General Assembly Approves Gerrymandered Congressional Map

Today, the Maryland General Assembly passed HB 1 – the congressional districting plan adopted by the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission (LRAC). The map is now headed to Governor Hogan’s desk.

Statement of Joanne Antoine, Common Cause Maryland Executive Director

When the redistricting process is led by politicians, the maps will be drawn to benefit the politicians – and that’s exactly what state legislators have done today.

While we were encouraged by the General Assembly’s willingness to improve transparency and access throughout the process in comparison to the 2011 redistricting cycle, they have chosen to maintain the status quo.

They had an opportunity to do what’s in the best interest of Marylanders for the next decade and have chosen, yet again, to wait on a national solution. While I’m not surprised, I am disappointed.

Thank you to public for making their voices heard and Delegate Gabriel Acevero (D – Montgomery) for taking a stand against partisan gerrymandering here in Maryland and nationwide by being the lone Democratic vote against the congressional map.