Governor Larry Hogan Signs Maryland End Gerrymandering Pledge

Today, Governor Larry Hogan signed the End Gerrymandering Pledge, a new initiative of Common Cause to advance fair redistricting reform that is transparent, nondiscriminatory and politically impartial in advance of the 2020 Census.

“Free and fair elections are the very foundation of our democracy, and it’s past time for leaders on both sides of the aisle to put an end to the disgraceful practice of partisan gerrymandering,” said Governor Hogan. “I am proud to sign on to Common Cause’s ‘End Gerrymandering Pledge’ to continue fighting for a fair, nonpartisan, open, and transparent redistricting process for all legislative and congressional districts.”

The purpose of the End Gerrymandering Pledge is to get prominent leaders to commit to advancing non-partisan, non-discriminatory, and non-secretive redistricting. Timing is critical. Redistricting is a once-in-a-decade process of drawing legislative and congressional district boundaries to ensure each district has equal population. Only 17 states have any checks and balances on redistricting, and only seven give the map-drawing power to citizens commissions. By far, most states give map-drawing power to the political party in power.

“We’re happy to hear that Governor Hogan has taken the pledge to end gerrymandering and support fair maps in Maryland,” said Joanne Antoine, Executive Director of Common Cause Maryland. “Redistricting reform is more critical now than ever and we need to take action this upcoming legislative session to put reforms in place before the next round of map-drawing begins following the 2020 Census. We look forward to working with Governor Hogan and members of the General Assembly to advance non-partisan, non-discriminatory, and transparent redistricting throughout the state.”

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