Redistricting should be
fair, transparent,
non-discriminatory and
politically impartial.

Karen Hobert Flynn
President, Common Cause
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Governor of California
Eric Holder
82nd Attorney General of the United States
Governor Larry Hogan
Congressman David Price
Representing the 4th District of North Carolina
Penn Jillette
Penn & Teller
Kathay Feng
National Redistricting Director, Common Cause
Ashley Oleson
State Director, League of Women Voters Maryland
Celina Stewart
Director of Advocacy and Litigation, League of Women Voters
Justin Levitt
Associate Dean for Research, Loyola Law School
Michael Li
Senior Counsel, Brennan Center’s Democracy Program
Katie Fahey
Executive Director, Voters Not Politicians
Allison Riggs
Senior Attorney, Southern Coalition for Social Justice
David Thornburgh
President and CEO, Committee of Seventy
David Daley
Senior Fellow, FairVote and Author of "Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy"
Carolyn DeWitt
President & Executive Director, Rock the Vote
Colleen Mathis
Chairman, Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission
Catherine Turcer
Executive Director, Common Cause Ohio
Cal Cunningham
Former State Senator, North Carolina 23rd District
Micah Sims
Executive Director, Common Cause Pennsylvania
Ellen Freidin
Fair Districts Now in Florida
Sam Wang
Professor of Neuroscience, Princeton University
Carol Kuniholm
Chair and Co-founder of Fair Districts PA
Amanda Gonzalez
Executive Director, Common Cause Colorado
Tram Nguyen
Co-Executive Director, New Virginia Majority
Sean Soendker Nicholson
Senior Content Strategist and Research Director at GPS Impact
Josh Silver
Brian Cannon
Executive Director, OneVirginia2021

Dan Vicuna

National Redistricting Manager
Common Cause

Kareem Crayton

Executive Director
Southern Coalition for Social Justice

Suzanne Almeida

Redistricting and Representation Counsel
Common Cause

Jessica Jones Capperell

Policy & Legislative Affairs Senior Manager
League of Women Voters

Linda Garrou

Former member of the North Carolina General Assembly
Representing the 32nd district

John Marion

Executive Director
Common Cause Rhode Island

Keshia Morris

Census & Mass Incarceration Project Manager
Common Cause

Brent Laurentz

Director of Outreach and Special Projects
Common Cause North Carolina

Bob Phillips

Executive Director
Common Cause North Carolina

Nicholas Stephanopoulos

University of Chicago, School of Law

and many Common Cause members have taken the End Gerrymandering Pledge.