Democracy relies on fair and accurate elections.

Manual audits help to ensure that elections are free from error and manipulation, giving Marylanders greater confidence in their election results. As reliance on technology and fears of international influence of our elections, it is vital to have a process in place to ensure our elections are free from error.

One of the best ways to do this is by adopting a process called risk-limited auditing. Risk-limited auditing, which uses samples of varying size from every jurisdiction in the state based on margin of victory in each race, was endorsed by the 2014 Presidential Commission on Election Administration for all elections to reduce the risk of computer error or fraud from tainting our elections.

Risk-limited auditing allows for Maryland to quickly and efficiently survey every jurisdiction to ensure that our elections occur fairly and without error or undue influence. About half of American states currently require at least some kind of post-election audit of this nature, and we wholeheartedly support Maryland joining that number.

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