No Marylander should face obstacles to having their voices heard.

Our democracy works best when everyone has a voice, yet participation in our elections in Maryland has been dropping for years.

Every year, Maryland legislators introduce bills that would create undue burdens for eligible voters in Maryland. We fight these policies at every turn.

In Maryland, we have already achieved:

    1. Along with a coalition of Maryland organizations, we successfully returned the right to vote to over 40,000 former felons who had returned to their communities after paying their debt to society.
    2. Joining the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) to share voter registration records with other participating states to keep voter rolls more accurate.
    3. Creating an early voting period, making it easier for working Marylanders to participate in our elections.
    4. Allowing eligible Marylanders to register to vote at the polling place during the Early Voting Period.
    5. We fought to protect Marylanders’ personal information from the Trump ‘Voter Fraud’ Commission.

In 2018, we’re working to encourage voter participation by modernizing our registration system to increase access, efficiency, and security of the registration process.

We’ve formed a coalition, Everyone Votes MD, of good government, labor, environmental, civil rights, and grassroots groups united to expand election access by implementing bipartisan solutions that have worked in states across the country to increase voter participation and election security. These reforms will modernize our elections through Election Day Registration and seamless voter registration to cut down on inaccuracies in our voter rolls and expand access to registration.

      • Election Day Registration (EDR)– Marylanders can currently register to vote during early voting, but those who show up on the actual election day are restricted from doing so. This disparity is confusing and unnecessary, and this session we are working to make it so that anyone qualified to vote can do so when they show up to the polls.
      • Automatic Voter Registration (AVR)- Modernize our voter registration system and increase opportunities to register to vote. This reform would seamlessly register eligible Marylanders to vote whenever they interact with certain Maryland agencies. This policy would help to register more voters, keep voting rolls cleaner, and increase accuracy and security in the registration process.

Join us in continuing to improve and expand access to voting in Maryland.

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