Getting Started | Ground Rules for using SEO Tools

  1. We always write for the user and not Google! First and foremost we want to get a message to our audience, SEO is just going to help them find us a little easier! Please use these recommendations logically and not emphatically. 
  2. You can go back and optimize your post later. Understandably, time is of the essence when we are in rapid response or we just have to get things out quickly. If necessary you can always go back and update things later. Please don’t use time as an excuse to not correctly format your post, it will only cause your post to not reach its full potential. At some point, it will be second nature and you will realize you don’t need to go back at all. 
  3. Nothing about SEO is really hard, most of it is taking that extra second to think about how the user will find it.
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