We're Fighting Illegal Efforts to Drop Voters from the Rolls

Stopping Inaccurate Voting Purges

In 2017, Common Cause Indiana and other voting rights groups challenged a new state law that allowed counties to purge voters using secondhand information from outside sources, a violation of federal law.  Our litigation was successful, although it continued for almost five years because the legislature passed another illegal purging law after the first round of litigation.  We will continue to remain vigilant about legislative or administrative attempts to remove voters from the rolls illegally.

If Indiana really wanted to clean up our statewide voter rolls while protecting voters, they would join ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center.  Its members include 24 states and the District of Columbia and their goal is to improve the accuracy of America’s voter rolls, increase access to voter registration for all eligible citizens, reduce election costs and increase efficiencies in elections.  But, instead of joining this collective effort run by public officials, the Indiana legislature actually passed a bill prohibiting the state from becoming an ERIC member.





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