Common Cause Indiana is a co-founder of the bipartisan, 13-member Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting. We’ve met with thousands of Hoosiers to spread the word about how self-interested politicians have manipulated congressional and legislative boundaries so that they can choose their voters rather than have the voters choose them. Help us end gerrymandering and turn redistricting over to an independent, citizens commission.


Here are some ways to make a difference:

Get Involved

One of the best ways to help build support for redistricting reform in your community is by working with your local government (city council, county commission, town board, etc.) to pass a resolution in support of redistricting reform.  So far, 25 local communities have passed our resolution calling for the General Assembly to pass redistricting reform.  Click here for instructions on how to get the effort started in your community,  redistricting reform talking points and and the redistricting resolution.

Yard Signs – We’ve Got Them

Let your neighbors know you support redistricting reform.  Contact Julia Vaughn at to get your yard sign.


The 2020 General Assembly is our last opportunity to reform redistricting before new maps get drawn in 2021.  Tell your legislators to make redistricting reform a priority in 2020 and pass legislation to create a website that will allow Hoosiers to draw their own districts and submit them to the General Assembly for consideration.

Petition text:  Dear Representative/Senator

I believe redistricting reform is one of the most important issues in our state.  I urge you to support legislation to make redistricting more transparent and to allow the public to participate by using a state developed website to draw Congressional and state legislative districts.