New Harmful Criminal Law Disenfranchises Black and Brown Communities Seeking Bail

ATLANTA – Last week, Governor Kemp signed into law Senate Bill (SB) 63, which would criminalize bail funds and require cash bonds for more than 30 offenses including things like criminal trespassing. 

The law dramatically expands how many people must post a cash bond to be released from jail before going before a judge, and slows down the process for release on misdemeanors and ordinances.

In response to the signing, Aunna Dennis, Executive Director of Common Cause Georgia issued the following statement:

SB 63 is drawing from the national playbook to stifle public will and demonstrates a dangerous precedent to further criminalize those who are unable to afford a cash bond.

“Georgia has been a cradle for the civil rights movement and many populations view the Atlanta-metro as a Mecca to coexist peacefully. With this law, legislators are attempting to disrupt that peace. This law will have a catastrophic impact on those who are already caught up in Georgia’s criminal justice system — especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities that are most often marginalized or silenced.

“Common Cause Georgia condemns our legislature and our Governor for proceeding in these actions.”