Common Cause Georgia Statement on Secret Plans of Fake Trump Electors

Common Cause Georgia Statement on Secret Plans of Fake Trump Electors 

ATLANTA — Reporting from the Washington Post today revealed that a Trump campaign official instructed a slate of Trump supporters to keep secret their plans to cast electoral votes for Trump, despite Georgia’s selection of Biden as their choice. That decision was verified by full hand recount of nearly 5 million ballots, and again by a third, statewide count of the ballots. The Post’s reporting is the latest to detail the coordinated attempt to overturn the will of Georgia voters. 

Statement of Common Cause Georgia Executive Director Aunna Dennis: 

It is voters who put our leaders in office, and it is voters who decide to take them out. Our system of government operates on the premise that the sacred decisions made when casting a ballot will always be upheld and respected. 

But we continue to hear more disturbing evidence of how a select few sought to interfere with that decision – including these 16 people who signed a phony electoral vote certificate completely contrary to the decision made by Georgia’s voters.

It is beyond time for those who sought to undermine the will of Georgia’s voters to be held accountable. The people of Georgia must know that each and every time we go to cast a ballot, that our votes will be counted and our choices honored – even by the losing campaigns.

This transgression can not go unaddressed, and Common Cause Georgia continues to call for thorough investigations into the attempts to disrupt the election certification process. We will continue to watchdog these activities to ensure the people’s will is front and center in Georgia, and not those of political operatives.