Voters deserve an ethical government that works for everyone. Far too often, Americans feel like they don’t have a voice in our democracy. With the amount of big money in politics, lack of transparency in our legislatures, and disregard for the law by some politicians and wealthy special interests, creating an ethical and clean government that works in the public interest continues to be our common cause.

Our democracy depends on strong enforcement of the laws that are meant to protect it — and us. Those who break the law must face real consequences in order to deter bad behavior.

We all pay the price when public officials don’t play the rules. Whether it be elected officials prioritizing pet projects for big donors over the needs of everyday voters or the misusing taxpayer money for their personal interests, everyone pays the price when our elected representatives do not lead by example. While most politicians get involved in public life to try to make a difference for their community, the big money system can fail us all. But we know from experience that when the people get active, call their elected officials, show up at town hall and community events, and most importantly vote, our elected officials are held accountable and we can change the system to create a more ethical and representative democracy while doing it.