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Common Cause GA calls for immediate resignation of Reps Allen, Carter, Clyde, Greene, Hice and Loudermilk

In the wake of Wednesday’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Common Cause Georgia is calling for the immediate resignation of Representatives Rick W. Allen, Earl L. "Buddy" Carter, Andrew S. Clyde, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jody B. Hice and Barry Loudermilk after they voted to overturn the will of the people, failed to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election, and played a clear role in spreading disinformation around the election, leading to the violence.

Why Are Georgia Officials Silent on Rick Thompson’s Link to Possible Voter Suppression Scheme?

The people of Georgia deserve some answers. Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission  (Ethics Commission) Chair Jake Evans said the commission will investigate and staff or board members who have “credible allegations of wrongdoing against them” -- but has not committed yet to investigating Commissioner Rick Thompson’s connections to Blue Sky Medical Labs, LLC, or Thompson’s and his business partner’s connection to a fake donor sting in North Carolina.

DOJ, SEC & Ethics Complaints Filed Against Senator Loeffler

Today, Common Cause filed complaints calling for investigations of Sen. Kelly Loeffler. “Voters have the right to expect that our elected officials put our interests first,” said Common Cause Georgia Program Coordinator Cindy Battles. “And there shouldn’t be any question about it. Obviously, in this situation, there are questions about how Sen. Loeffler handled the information received in private briefings. There are also questions about whether she should have shared that information with her constituents, back in January when she received it. We look forward to the results of these investigations.”

Common Cause Georgia Applauds Atlanta City Council for Introducing Ethics and Accountability Legislation

"The City of Atlanta is paving the way for other cities across Georgia to take a deeper look at ethics and accountability within local government. Georgians want city leaders to make them a priority, not moneyed interests.”

Common Cause Georgia Urges Full Transparency in New Voting System Purchase

“The citizens of Georgia need to know that voting machine vendors have wooed local officials with expensive perks. Multimillion dollar decisions about which system to buy should be made with the interests of Georgia voters and taxpayers in mind. They should not be made based on which company spent the most lobbying state legislators and fostering close connections with decisionmakers.”

Common Cause Georgia Files Complaint Against Georgia State Charter School Commission

Common Cause Georgia today filed a complaint with the state's Inspector General to investigate recently revealed payments and offers of payments by a state vendor to state employees, as well as the same state vendor's transparency law violations. We also urge the state employee who accepted these payments to return them immediately.

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