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Voting & Elections 02.16.2021

Anti-Voter Bills are ‘steamrolling through the legislative process’

Our country is in the midst of a racial justice movement. Now is not the time to take the Republicans’ voting system from 2005 and add draconian attacks on ballot access that would disproportionately impact voters of color.  Voters bear enough burdens trying to make our voices heard. Legislators should stop their efforts to sideline the voters they are supposed to be serving.

Common Cause GA calls for immediate resignation of Reps Allen, Carter, Clyde, Greene, Hice and Loudermilk

In the wake of Wednesday’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Common Cause Georgia is calling for the immediate resignation of Representatives Rick W. Allen, Earl L. "Buddy" Carter, Andrew S. Clyde, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jody B. Hice and Barry Loudermilk after they voted to overturn the will of the people, failed to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election, and played a clear role in spreading disinformation around the election, leading to the violence.

Voting & Elections 12.3.2020

Today’s Hearings on Elections: Common Cause Georgia Responds

More than a thousand Georgians have died of COVID since November 3rd. But rather than focusing on the crisis, our state Senate spent today rehashing the November election.

Voting & Elections 11.19.2020

Audit Results Announced: Common Cause Georgia Responds

Georgia’s voters have made their decision. It’s time to honor that decision. It’s also time to ensure that our county elections officials have the resources they need to fulfill their responsibilities in the next two elections. 

Voting & Elections 11.13.2020

Statement by Common Cause Georgia Executive Director Aunna Dennis — November 13, 2020

We urge Secretary Raffensperger’s office to find a way to provide the additional resources that are critically needed by county elections offices.

Voting & Elections 10.12.2020

Court clarifies that voting must be able to continue uninterupted if voting machines fail, declines to prescribe amount required

In an amicus brief filed in the long-running Curling v. Raffensperger lawsuit, Common Cause asked United States District Judge Amy Totenberg to require paper ballots equal to 40% of registered voters at each polling site. That number was based on projections of ballot usage during peak voting times, so voters would be able to vote at their polling place even in cases of voting system failures lasting three hours. In a decision issued tonight, Judge Totenberg declined to require a specific number of paper ballots.

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