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Voting & Elections 11.3.2022

Some Voters Haven't Gotten Absentee Ballots

Voters can still cast a vote in-person during early voting Friday, or on Election Day this Tuesday.

Voting & Elections 10.28.2022

Voters Can Still Vote In-Person at Early Voting Sites

Common Cause Georgia suggests voters cast their ballot at an in-person early voting site before Election Day.

Voting & Elections 10.21.2022

Record turnout in Georgia's election so far, just under 2020 levels.

Georgia has had record turnout for the midterm elections in the first few days of the early voting period

Attorneys for the Campaign Legal Center filed the suit on behalf of Common Cause Georgia.

The lawsuit follows the dismissal of a 2021 administrative complaint, filed with the Federal Election Commission against True the Vote and the Georgia Republican Party, alleging the groups violated the law via illegal coordination during the 2021 U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia. .

Voting & Elections 10.5.2022

Georgia’s Voter Registration Deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 11

All Georgia voters should check and update their registration, while those who are unregistered have until end of the day Tuesday to register to vote and vote in November's election.

Voting & Elections 09.29.2022

Common Cause Georgia Calls for Dismissal of Mass Pre-Election Voter Challenges

Georgia and Gwinnett County election officials are violating federal voting law by failing to dismiss thousands of voter eligibility challenges filed recently by third-party groups.

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