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Voting & Elections 03.23.2022

‘Déjà vu all over again’ as the Georgia Senate considers another ‘elections omnibus’

Just like last year, the process has allowed little or no public input -- because if you don’t have a lobbyist, it’s almost impossible to find out what’s going on. It’s both sad and ironic that a bill directly affecting our freedom to vote is being considered using such an opaque process. 

Voting & Elections 03.17.2022

Crossover Day Dust Settles – “Voters are not being well-served”

House passed “Elections Bill Sequel” late at night – Senate failed to pass campaign finance bill but did pass problematic First Amendment bill.

Voting & Elections 03.15.2022

Georgia House to Consider Another Bill Changing Elections Procedures

In the wake of last year’s SB 202, Georgia’s Legislature is considering another “omnibus” bill that could substantially change the state’s elections procedures.

Money & Influence 03.11.2022

Common Cause Georgia calls on Senate to Pass Campaign Finance Bill before Crossover Day

With a March 15 deadline for action, Common Cause Georgia is calling on the Senate to quickly approve a bill to prohibit legislatively-affiliated political committees from raising money during a legislative session.

Voting & Elections 02.24.2022

Georgia House Subcommittee Quietly Considers Elections Legislation

Tuesday, without much public notice, the Redistricting & Elections Subcommittee of the House Committee on Governmental Affairs held a hearing on elections-related legislation.

Georgia Grassroots Organizations Call for Improved Public Access to Legislative Process

“Georgians shouldn’t have to hire a lobbyist to be able to participate in our government.”

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