Bill to allow corporations to vote in Seaford in limbo after state Senate fails to act

The Delaware Senate chose to delay any action on the Seaford city charter corporate voting amendment until next year.

This article originally appeared in WDEL on June 30, 2023 and was written by Mark Fowser.  

 Below is a comment from Claire Snyder-Hall on the failure of this amendment.

The Seaford charter bill, HS 1 for HB 121, was criticized by Common Cause Delaware Executive Director Claire Snyder-Hall.

“We’re horrified and disappointed that this bill passed. Corporations have no place in our elections — full stop,” Snyder-Hall said. “In a state with more registered businesses than residents, this bill gives wealthy outsiders the power to override the actual people of Seaford. Hopefully, it will not make it through the Senate.”

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