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Virtual CT Redistricting Hearing Sept. 14, 2021

The public can still submit written testimony on 2021 redistricting in Connecticut. You can watch a recording of this hearing on our YouTube page. Find links below for viewing the recording, written testimony submission and resources.

Draw Your Community’s Map – Re-Draw Your Voting Districts

These free, online redistricting mapping tools will help you express your community's identity as you define it--and then map it! Connecticut doesn't require legislators to consider "Communities of Interest" when re-drawing your voting district lines--but using these free tools you can re-draw YOUR OWN district and submit it to lawmakers asking them to incorporate it.

Public Hearings Began Sept. 8th, Ended Sept. 14th on 2021 Redrawing of Connecticut Legislative Districts

While redistricting has historically been conducted behind closed doors with minimal public input in the way of local public hearings, 2021 is our year to flip the script and ensure that the voices of our communities, particularly those of Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander and other communities of color are at the center of the conversation.

Redistricting Trainings and Resources

Here you can find trainings and resources led by Common Cause national staff designed for all levels, whether you are new to redistricting or a seasoned advocate. Learn how to impact redistricting through a mix of presentations and exercises. You can also find other resources such as recorded trainings, handbooks and public web tools for districting and community identification.

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