Reports on Connecticut Super PACs

Learn more about Connecticut super PACs and their agendas through our reports below. 

Who is Buying Our Education System? Charter School Super PACs in Connecticut
Download our report on how wealthy donors are working to influence Connecticut’s educational system by supporting charter school super PACs.  (Based on PAC reports to SEEC through Nov. 15.)

Connecticut Republicans Maintain Huge Advantage in Super PAC Money
Download our report on how party-affiliated PACs are raising and spending their money to influence the Gubernatorial and General Assembly elections, and who funds the national PACs that, in turn, fund the Connecticut super PACs. (Based on PAC reports to SEEC through Oct 30.)

Who is Buying Your Election? A Pre-Election Guide to Connecticut Super PACs
Download and share our detailed look at how big money interests are spending millions of dollars to influence Connecticut elections. (Based on PAC reports to SEEC through Oct. 11.)