Friday, March 19th, 11:00AM Legislative Public Hearing on (among other things) Strengthening the Citizens’ Election Program

Since 2008, Connecticut has had a remarkably successful, small dollar, public financing program for state and statewide elections that is being replicated across the country.

Please provide testimony in support of the CEP and efforts to strengthen the program to the virtual public hearing this Friday Mar. 19th in the legislative Government Administration and Elections (GAE) Committee. Send written testimony to Click the blue button above to register to testify virtually for 3 minutes at the hearing!

Please support these bills:
S.B. No. 640 An Act Concerning Online Platforms and Campaign Finance.
S.B. No. 761 An Act Permitting the Use of Citizens’ Election Program Grant Funds to Offset a Participating Candidate’s Child Care Costs.

Elections cost money. Runaway campaign spending blocks better government policies because candidates turn to the wealthy and industry for support. Click the blue button above to see more details on how Connecticut’s Citizens’ Election Program (CEP) has worked since 2008 to amplify small-dollar donations and shift the balance of power to the people.

You can help prevent government capture by special interests, right now. Submit written testimony supporting Senate Bill numbers 294, 640 and 761 to