You will make a big impact by giving your written or virtual testimony to this coming Friday’s (March 4th, 2022) virtual legislative public hearing on ensuring all eligible Connecticut voters are still able to vote by absentee ballot this year. The ongoing threat of the pandemic means voters need the option to vote absentee through the November 8, 2022 midterm elections.

We’ve made it easy for you with talking points and guidance if you want to use them. Hearing stories from voters like you will make a major difference for lawmakers. Register here to speak at the GAE public hearing this Friday, Mar. 4th at 10:00AM via Zoom, and/or email with your written testimony. Even if you aren’t planning to speak, please submit written testimony!

You can copy and paste from below but be sure to click ‘Keep Text Only’ when pasting so it copies nicely–and don’t forget to insert your name, town name and personal reasons/story!

Here’s an idea of what to say in your testimony:


“My name is [INSERT YOUR NAME], I am a voter from [INSERT YOUR TOWN NAME]. Passing both S.B. 184 and H.B. 5262 (Continuing Absentee Voting in 2022 due to COVID19) is extremely important to me because [INSERT YOUR PERSONAL REASONS/ STORY].

I believe voters should be able to vote this year by absentee ballot as COVID19 persists. Please continue the COVID19 safety measures of 2020 and 2021 for 2022 and allow for everyone who fears exposure to COVID19 to vote by absentee ballot.

More than 650,000 Connecticut voters voted by absentee ballot in the 2020 CT General Election—which means they voted early on their own schedules. This led to record breaking 80% voter turnout. Listen to the voters, the choice is clear. Please protect the freedom to vote and pass S.B. 184 and H.B. 5262. Thank you.”