Connecticut Legislature Commits to Citizens’ Election Fund for Gubernatorial Candidates

Common Cause in Connecticut appreciates the state legislature’s late night passage of a bill that will double public financing grants for gubernatorial campaigns. 

“We appreciate the Government Administration and Election Committee chairs for their commitment to the Citizens’ Election Fund. This is a continuation of Common Cause’s late President Karen Hobert Flynn’s work to make campaigning for office accessible to all Connecticut residents — not just the wealthiest among us,” said Cheri Quickmire, executive director of Common Cause in Connecticut. “Though this is a victory, next time around we’d like to see this pass as a standalone measure instead of an omnibus addition.” 

House Bill 6942 contained a number of last-minute items to address a broad range of issues, from campaign finance and school building projects to services for intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals.  

Connecticut’s Citizens’ Election Fund is widely seen as a model for public financing programs across the country. Analysis by Common Cause showed in 2018 85 percent of candidates for the General Assembly used public funds to seek office. Common Cause has led and supported several successful campaigns at the state and local levels from coast to coast to pass and improve citizen-funded election programs. 

More information about public financing programs is available here.