Common Cause in Connecticut Defends Citizens’ Election Program from Political Attacks

Statement of Cheri Quickmire, Common Cause in Connecticut Executive Director

Common Cause in Connecticut calls on gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski to stop trying to score cheap political points attacking the state’s landmark Citizens’ Election Program that was signed into law by Connecticut’s last Republican Governor Jodi Rell.

The Citizens’ Election Program has been a remarkable success, utilized by Republicans and Democrats alike and has played a major role in helping our state shed its well-earned reputation as “Corrupticut”. Public financing of elections has wide support and has helped level the playing field so more people, and people who are not millionaires can run for office.

The program has helped to limit the outsized role traditionally played by special interests in our elections. When politicians are not beholden to special interests, they can concentrate on doing the people’s business, serving the interests of their constituents instead of the interests of their biggest donors.

Our political leadership should not be limited to people who can write multi-million-dollar checks. It is appalling that someone who has written those checks himself would resort to attacking participating candidates. Mr Stefanowski owes the voters of Connecticut an apology and needs to commit to ending his attack on candidates who choose to participate in the Citizens’ Election Program.