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Build Voting Freedoms in Connecticut

Money & Influence 08.4.2021

What is ALEC?

Through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), some of the nation's largest and richest companies invest millions of dollars each year to pass state laws putting corporate interests ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans.

The CT Mirror: Connecticut drawn into fight over conservative ALEC’s tax-exempt status

Connecticut is one of 15 states where campaign finance complaints were filed against the American Legislative Exchange Council this week, alleging that the conservative non-profit group was illegally distributing software to Republican lawmakers. (...) In Connecticut, the complaint filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission, says state Rep. Mike France, R-Ledyard, as a member of ALEC, would have been given the software. France is listed by ALEC as its Connecticut chair...


Complaint Filed For Violation of Connecticut Campaign Finance Laws

Common Cause in Connecticut and The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) filed a complaint with the CT State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) alleging that ALEC illegally gave sophisticated voter management campaign software linked to the RNC worth $3K to its Connecticut state chair, Rep. Mike France & other ALEC members.

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