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Americans deserve open, honest, accountable government.

We’re working to deliver it.

Common Cause Pennsylvania is the defender of citizens’ rights in the halls of power and in our communities.   Standing as an independent voice for positive change, watchdog against corruption, and protector against abuse of power, we work to hold public officials accountable and responsive to citizens.  Common Cause Pennsylvania is both non-profit and trans-partisan.   

Our record of success is a product of its forward looking vision, and a powerful combination of grassroots organizing, coalition building, policy development, research, public education, lobbying and when necessary, litigation.  By throwing a spotlight on the power game issues that underlie all the substantive issues that affect the everyday lives of all Pennsylvanians, we provide a powerful vehicle around which citizens can rally to build a better democracy in Pennsylvania.

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Candidate Questionnaire

Common Cause Pennsylvania Candidate Questionnaire - responses to our questionnaire for 2014. Learn More ›

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Voter ID

Voter ID laws make it harder for older citizens, students, people with disabilities, racial minorities, and lower-income people to vote. Learn More ›

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Public Records

After nearly two decades of work by Common Cause Pennsylvania, in 2008 Pennsylvania rose from having one of the weakest "public records" law in the nation, to having one that is considered a model law in many respects. Learn More ›

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