Texas State Legislature to Consider Election Intimidation Bill

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Today, SB 9, a bill designed to intimidate and discourage Texans from exercising their freedom to vote was introduced in the Texas State Senate. The legislation is being heard after Governor Abbott requested that the legislature take up the bill, without citing any facts or reputable sources to support his claims.  

Statement of Common Cause Texas Associate Director Stephanie Gómez 

Despite the twin challenges of an aging energy grid and the COVID-19 pandemic, this Governor remains focused on continuing to limit our freedom to vote.  

We are no better prepared to face a fast-approaching winter than we were nearly a year ago when nearly 200 Texans died because of our failing energy grid.   

In the last month, more than 270 COVID deaths were reported every single day.  

And still, this Governor is more focused on limiting our freedom to vote than protecting our lives.  

This bill is meant to scare voters from casting a ballot and from participating in our democracy. No Texan should ever have to fear exercising their constitutional freedom to vote. Sadly, that’s exactly what this Governor wants.  

How much more money and time are we going to spend entertaining Governor Abbott’s charade? This will only continue to distract and divide us from coming together to address our state’s biggest challenges. 

We urge Governor Abbott and this legislature to stop taking up the priorities of partisan national actors and start solving the problems Texans want addressed today.  

End this election circus now.