Texas House Releases Proposed District Maps

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Statement of Anthony Gutierrez, Common Cause Texas Executive Director 

When district maps are drawn by the politicians, they will benefit the politicians. And that’s exactly what these draft maps represent—prioritizing the politicians in power over the voters of Texas. Instead of ensuring that every Texan has a voice in our government, state legislators have drawn maps to help those in power win their next election. 

People of color fueled 95% of Texas’ population growth over the last decade but this map unfairly decreases the number of districts with Hispanic or Black majorities.  

These maps do nothing but preserve the status quo at the expense of Black and brown Texans.  

We look forward to supporting the thousands of Texans making their voices loud and clear for fair maps. Now that maps have been drawn, we expect the state legislature to conduct a round of robust public debate and engagement to ensure the public has a say in this process.  

These maps will determine our representation in government and funding for resources our communities deserve for the next ten years. It’s only right that the public have a seat at the table.  

Together, we must ensure we draw maps that place the interests of Texans ahead of the politicians.