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Voting & Elections 03.4.2020

‘Absolutely Unconscionable’: Hourslong Lines to Vote in Texas on Super Tuesday ‘Point to a Bigger Systemic Problem’

"Long lines in any single county can happen for any number of reasons but multi-hour wait times all over the state point to a bigger systemic problem," Common Cause Texas executive director Anthony Gutierrez said in a statement Wednesday. "That problem, to put it bluntly, is that the people in power in state government have no interest in making it easier for Texans to vote."

Voting & Elections 03.4.2020

Why Did It Take So Long to Vote in Texas and California?

In some cities, purchases of new voting machines slowed the balloting as voters labored to apply the new technology to the state’s notoriously long ballot. “All over the state, we saw a lot of late openings attributed to technology issues,” said Anthony Gutierrez, the executive director of Common Cause Texas, which helped run a hotline that flagged voting problems. “People were used to voting on the same machine for two decades, and there was going to be some training time required.”

Voting & Elections 03.4.2020

Long lines at some voting sites have many Texans waiting in frustration to cast ballots

Anthony Gutierrez, executive director of the watchdog group Common Cause Texas, laid the overarching blame on state policymakers. "I would frankly chalk up most of the issues we’re seeing (on Election Day) to Texas being a state that doesn’t prioritize voting," he said. "Problems like the Secretary of State website crashing and the widespread voting technology issues could have been easily avoided if the state allocated resources towards election infrastructure.”

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