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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Common Cause Kentucky works to promote good citizenship, and to advocate open, honest, and accessible state and local government in affiliation with the national Common Cause organization.

We lobby the Kentucky General Assembly for bills that promote honest and open state and local government practices. We also present court petitions when necessary, write regularly to public officials, speak to TV, radio stations, and community groups, and distribute our state newsletter.

Our recent activity includes:

  • A brief to the Kentucky Supreme Court regarding the constitutional requirements for a state budget. The high court agreed with our position and invalidated the practice of recent Kentucky governors of writing so-called executive spending plans to fill in the gaps left by gridlock in our state legislature. This means the Kentucky General Assembly must do the job we elected them to do. Gridlock is not acceptable to our state constitution.
  • Distribution of a “Pledge Not to Pledge” to candidates for state judgeships. We want judgeship candidates to be impartial, personally committed to the law, and above partisan politics. One way candidates can accomplish this is by refusing to sign the various pledges that come to them from special interest groups.
  • Research for a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court in cooperation with the Brennan Center for Justice on a recent 6th U.S. Circuit Court ruling that invalided several provisions of campaign finance law in Kentucky. This work is still in progress.
  • Participation in the Louisville Preview Forum with the Jefferson County League of Women Voters and Louisville Media Reform Working Group.

Contact Us:
Richard Beliles, State Chair
Phone: (502) 592-5381

Tom Louderback, Treasurer

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