New Poll: Majority of Youth Ready to Make an Impact in 2024 Election

Tufts University data shows climate issues driving turnout 

Washington, DC — One year ahead of the 2024 presidential election, a new Tufts University CIRCLE poll shows young Americans are planning to vote in record numbers. Fifty-six percent of youth, ages 18-34, report that they are “extremely likely” to cast a ballot in 2024. At the time of the election, 40 million members of Gen Z (ages 18-27 in 2024) will be eligible to vote, with 8 million new voters since 2022.  

The poll found that youth voters are most motivated by a trio of issues: climate, the economy, and gun safety. Those who ranked climate as their most important issue were 20 points more likely to vote than their peers. However, only 1 in 5, or 19% of young people have heard from political candidates, political parties, or community organizations.  

“Young people know the power that comes with voting, and they are determined to show up to the polls,” said Alyssa Canty, Common Cause Director of Youth Programs. “Youth voters are living through the consequences of others votes’—a declining climate, and gun violence pandemic, and the high cost of education. That’s why even one year out, young people are prepared to show up in record numbers, and campaigns must recognize their power in future outreach.” 

Key findings: 

  • 31% of all youth are undecided voters in the 2024 election 
  • 31% of undecided youth say they’re extremely likely to cast a ballot 
  • 53% of all youth chose the cost of living/inflation among their top 3 issues, followed by jobs that pay a living wage (28%), addressing climate change (26%), and gun violence (26%) 
  • 44% of Black youth chose inflation/cost of living as their top issues, followed by gun violence prevention (36%), jobs that pay a living wage (35%), fighting racism (32%), and student debt (23%) 

To view the full results of the CIRCLE poll, click here