Net Neutrality Repeal in Effect but Fight to Restore Rules Far from Over

Today, the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of its net neutrality rules officially goes into effect. Internet service providers will now be free to block, throttle, or create fast lanes and slow lanes by charging websites extra fees to prioritize their content.

The following can be attributed to Michael Copps, former FCC Commissioner & Common Cause Special Advisor:

“With the repeal of net neutrality official, internet service providers now have the green light to begin degrading our access to the internet. Monopoly phone and cable companies will undoubtedly seek to maximize profits by favoring their own content over their competitors and creating fast lanes and slow lanes ultimately at the expense of consumers. At a time when access to a free and open internet is so vital to our democracy, the official repeal opens the door to the ‘cable-ization’ of the internet – where your provider can control where you go, what you see, and what you do online.

“But the fight to restore the FCC’s net neutrality rules is far from over. Common Cause and its allies are working on all fronts to reverse the FCC’s disastrous repeal including state legislation and the Congressional Review Act. An overwhelming majority of Americans have made it loud and clear that they want the net neutrality rules. Now is the time for our lawmakers to listen to their constituents and take action to quickly restore the rules.”