January 6th Committee Subpoena a First Step in Holding Trump and His Associates Accountable

Statement of Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn 

Donald Trump remains a clear and present danger to our democracy. The January 6th Select Committee is right to subpoena the former President. But the Committee has shown clearly that the then-President violated his oath of office and committed crimes for which he must be held accountable.

Trump and his associates waged a weeks-long campaign, that appears to have amounted to a criminal conspiracy, to overturn the will of the people and ignore the results of the 2020 election so that he could remain in power.

When his plot failed, and fully aware that he had lost a free and fair election, Trump knowingly and willfully incited an armed mob of insurrectionists to the Capitol. For hours–with the lives of his Vice President, Members of Congress, staff, and law enforcement in danger–he refused to call off the mob. Trump and those who participated in this plot must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Trump must comply with the subpoena from the January 6th Select Committee because no one, including a former president, is above the law.