Facebook Can’t Police Itself; Congress Must Enact Comprehensive Safeguards & Disclosure

Statement of Michael Copps, former FCC Commissioner & Common Cause Special Adviser

The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal is another example in a long list where companies have failed to protect the online privacy of their users. Americans have a fundamental right to privacy, and our democracy functions best when we have control over our personal information online. But the existing legal framework we have is inadequate to properly protect online privacy. Now is the time for Congress to pass comprehensive privacy legislation that gives consumers opt-in choice, not just for Facebook, but across-the-board, for those who hold our personal data.

Americans also have a right to know who is influencing their votes and their views, including the billions of dollars spent on digital advertising online. We urge Congress to pass the Honest Ads Act to bolster disclosure and transparency rules for online political advertising, including those on Facebook.