Common Cause Welcomes Save The Internet Act 

Today, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate introduced the Save the Internet Act. The bill reverses the reckless and unlawful repeal of net neutrality by the Trump FCC in December 2017 and returns to the framework in the 2015 Open Internet Order. Under the current framework, broadband service providers are free to block, throttle, or create fast lanes and slow lanes by charging extra fees to prioritize certain content. Common Cause welcomes the introduction of the Save the Internet Act to restore strong net neutrality rules.

Statement of Michael Copps, Former FCC Commissioner and Common Cause Special Adviser

“Since the FCC foolishly repealed net neutrality, we’ve seen a wild west where monopoly telephone and cable companies have been free to do what they want at the expense of consumers. There’s already evidence of broadband providers throttling speeds, degrading video quality, and creating service plans that favor their own content over competitors. The harms will only get worse the longer net neutrality remains repealed.

The Save the Internet Act is a major opportunity to restore strong net neutrality rules. More importantly, this bill would return us to the framework found in the 2015 Open Internet Order where the FCC has adequate authority to address net neutrality violations and take appropriate action.

An overwhelming majority of Americans have made it loud and clear they want strong net neutrality rules. Now is the time for our lawmakers to listen to their constituents and take action by passing the Save the Internet Act.”