Common Cause: “Our Nation is Stronger When Colleges are Racially Diverse”

Pro-democracy group protects HBCU, youth programs as court ignores diversity 

Washington, DC — Yesterday, June 29, the United States Supreme Court abandoned precedent to further deny the freedom of opportunity to the country’s youth in its decision in Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) v. Harvard and Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) v. University of North Carolina decision. 

Since 2005, Common Cause’s Alliance for Emerging Power program has worked to ensure the nation’s youth have the skills and experience to participate in democracy and fight for change from the college campus to Congress. To empower the next generation of leaders, the program offers a paid internship, the Student Action Alliance Democracy Fellowship, and an Election Protection Fellowship. 

The following is a statement of Alyssa Canty, director of youth programs at Common Cause. 

“Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision is nothing but a willful disregard for the racial diversity that makes our country great.  

Our nation is stronger when colleges are racially diverse and every young person has a chance to succeed. Our educational institutions should be places where youth are exposed to different ideas, experiences, and people, all with the goal of learning how to work together to build a more perfect union.  

That’s why Common Cause is committed to supporting our Black and brown youth as they exercise their freedom to opportunity. We will continue to offer paid internships, partner with colleges and universities, and ensure we develop the leaders who will help us achieve the multiracial democracy we deserve. 

Only by ensuring our universities resemble the diversity of our country can we secure a government that truly reflects the will of the people.”  


The Common Cause Alliance for Emerging Power works to build the next generation of democracy leaders through youth advocacy training, nonpartisan voter education, and voter protection. The program includes our Internship Program, The Student Action Alliance Democracy Fellowship, The Ambassador Program, and Election Protection Fellowship.