Resources for PA Special Elections Voters Are Available

Statement from Members of the Pennsylvania Election Protection Coalition

“Tomorrow, voters in the 8th (Butler/Mercer County), 18th (Bucks County) and 58th (Westmoreland County) legislative districts will head to the polls to cast their ballots. Common Cause Pennsylvania and the Election Protection Coalition recognize that the ongoing situation with COVID-19 will impact these communities and their voters.

We want each and every Pennsylvanian to remember that democracy is something that we all do together. Voting is still possible in times like these and it is important. However, each voter should asses their own situation and follow the recommendation of public health experts before heading to the polls This is crucial to ensure not only their own safety but the safety of others. This means taking precautions like planning to vote in off-peak hours, washing your hands before and after you touch voting equipment and keeping a physical distance from those around you. The PA Department of Health has created a website with helpful recommendations and resources, you can check the website here.

In Pennsylvania, members of the Election Protection Coalition, including Common Cause Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Voice,  ACLU of Pennsylvania, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Fair Elections Center are working with allies nationally and across the state to ensure that those who are voting tomorrow can do so without hesitation. We would like to remind voters that the Election Protection hotline, will be open and taking calls on election day to guarantee that voters are able to cast their ballots without disruption.

Voters with any questions or concerns can call 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) and get in touch with a trained volunteer who is ready to assist them. The hotline will be available in multiple languages to provide all voters with the assistance they need.

For more information, check out the Election Protection national website at

While not available for Tuesday’s elections, we strongly encourage Pennsylvanians to apply for a mail-in ballot for the primary election on April 28, 2020.  We will be working to educate Pennsylvania voters about this option and to ensure the smooth implementation of vote-by-mail in the Commonwealth.

We understand that this is a troubling time for many, but the Election Protection Coalition is dedicated to advocating for the safety of our elections and will continue to do so. We must ensure that no one is disenfranchised by this public health crisis, including our voters.”

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