Bucks County Voters: Don’t Let Disinformation Stop You From Voting

Common Cause Pennsylvania reminds voters in Bucks County that disinformation campaigns aim to sow distrust in our elections, and should not discourage them from participating in the upcoming primary election. 

“The goal of disinformation like we’ve seen in Bucks County is to confuse, intimidate, and ultimately discourage voters from participating in our elections,” said Jill Greene, voting and elections manager of Common Cause Pennsylvania. “We can’t let the actions of one individual prevent us from doing our civic duty.” 

Last Thursday, the Bucks County Board of Elections alerted voters that they may receive letters in the mail containing misinformation related to the upcoming primary election. Common Cause Pennsylvania urges Bucks County residents to contact the Bucks County Board of Elections at 215-348-6154 if they receive anything questionable in the mail.