Unequal election policies disenfranchised some Pennsylvania voters in 2022. Explore what each county did.

The counties make their own policies on drop boxes, fixing mail ballots, and more. Votebeat's maps show the uneven landscape that gives Pennsylvanians additional voting options based on where they live.

This article originally appeared in Votebeat on February 21, 2023 and was written by Carter Walker and Kate Huangpu.

Ideally, Pennsylvania counties should make it as easy as possible to vote, said Khalif Ali, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania, a group that advocates for expanding public participation in the government and protecting voting rights.

“It’s the beauty and the pain that’s associated with the commonwealth,” Ali said. “We have essentially a number of fiefdoms and each of them has their own budgets, their own way of looking at the law, and applying that law on the ground level.”

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