Here’s a shocking fact: despite months of non-stop coverage and controversy — many of our fellow Americans simply are not aware of what Special Counsel Robert Mueller uncovered about Donald Trump!

It’s understandable why. To date, everything that the public has heard about the Mueller Report from President Trump and his administration has been spin, a deliberate distortion, or an outright lie. And sadly, we can’t count on 24-hour cable news to cut through the noise either.

We’re working to get the real story out, so the public knows just how serious Russia’s meddling in our elections — and the Trump team’s efforts to cover it up — really was.

So with the help of two longtime Common Cause members, we sent 550,000 households a condensed, reader-friendly summary of Mueller’s 448-page report lays out the key facts and findings that every American should know.

By The Numbers

Mueller’s team found 10 “episodes” of obstruction of justice by Trump and his staff — on top of the 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments or guilty pleas, and five prison sentences that came from the investigation.

Many voters are shocked to learn that the Mueller Report describes any wrongdoing by the president whatsoever, thanks to his administration’s constant distortion.

One Republican Michigan resident told NBC News she was “surprised to hear there was anything negative in the Mueller Report at all about President Trump.”

But once people read the report for themselves, they’re shocked by what they learn…

Like that despite President Trump’s claims, Russian operatives did interfere with our elections in 2016 — and Trump, his family, and many of his campaign staff welcomed their meddling.

Or that Mueller found 10 “episodes” of obstruction of justice by Trump and his staff — on top of the 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments or guilty pleas, and 5 prison sentences that came from the investigation.

And now, we’ve learned a crucial fact — when we get the word out about what Mueller uncovered, people’s minds change.

Two Common Cause Members Fund Massive Public Education Campaign

Sanford and Linda, two longtime Common Cause members from California, were outraged by the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. So, they decided to personally fund this special project, mailing out 550,000 copies of the 15-page Executive Summary of the Mueller Report.

They asked us to help them reach Americans who may not know the whole truth about Special Counsel Mueller’s findings. So we focused on Fox News viewers and people who hadn’t heard of Common Cause — reaching beyond the choir to make sure everyone has the facts.

We believe that every American has a right to the truth. And we want to say thank you to Sanford and Linda for funding such an important public education project.

We asked members to share their thoughts on this ambitious public education project:

  • I’m sending them with my Christmas cards. — MARILYN IN ARIZONA
  • I will give these out to my local library. — NORMA IN MASSACHUSETTS
  • Great way to get the truth out. — JOEL IN FLORIDA
  • This helps so much by making it more accessible to everyone! Thank you for all you do for our country and to protect our democracy! — MARIANNE IN CALIFORNIA

  • Thank you, CC. Keep up your great work!! — JIM IN NORTH CAROLINA
  • You are doing great! Thank you for getting the word out. — RENE IN OKLAHOMA
  • Thank you for making these crucial summaries available. I’m going to distribute them to family and friends for them to read and pass along to others, for them to understand the damage Trump is doing to our country and how destructive and corrupting he really is! — KATHLEEN IN WISCONSIN

  • This is an excellent way to get out the word. I will pass on the information. Thank you. — Sharon in Ohio
  • Will share this with my Trump supporter family. — SHERYL IN SOUTH CAROLINA
  • This is a wonderful idea (the entire report is too long for most people). Many thanks. — LINDA IN MARYLAND
  • I intend to circulate these. — MALCOLM IN ARKANSAS

The facts are on our side and the law is on our side. If you’re willing to chip in and fuel this fight to get the truth out, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

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