Fast, reliable, and affordable Internet service is essential to modern life and our democracy, yet  1 in 5 households are not online.

Broadband has not only fundamentally changed how people are civically engaged but has also become a crucial necessity for participating in modern society. Without reliable broadband access, Americans go without access to education, health care, connection to loved ones, and more. Over 76% of Americans agree that internet service is as essential as electricity or water.

However, over 4 million households report that they are not online because they cannot afford internet or the devices needed to get connected. This makes it more difficult for millions of Americans to find jobs, obtain health care and social services, access distance learning, and advocate for community change. Attaining the full promise of our democracy must start with closing the digital divide to ensure that each of us has an equal voice in the future of our country.

Ways We Rely on Internet Access to Participate in Our Democracy:

  • Looking up voter registration status
  • Tracking Mail Ballots
  • Looking up information about candidates and ballot initiatives
  • Accessing Polling Location Wait times
  • Volunteering with the Common Cause Action Team
  • and so much more

Common Cause is committed to advancing policies that connect everyone to affordable broadband through digital inclusion programs, equitable broadband implementation, and holding Internet Service Providers accountable. With the support of our 1.5 million members, we ensure that the lived experiences of those affected by the digital divide are at forefront of policy decisions. 


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